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Newest Achievement

alpha-release-3 - Sorry for the late release. Am going through a difficult period in my life. Demo version almost completed

Completed Tasks

- ant build - Struts struts-config.xml
- Tomcat web.xml, j2e.xml
- dbcp Database Connection Pool
- Datasource [Tested on Oracle]
- Struts Taglib
- I18N Standard Taglib
- I18N Encoding Filter[Currently Support Japanese, English, and Canadian French]
- Validation Framework [work in progress]
- log4j Logging Setup
- Implemented Declarative Exception Handling


The requirement specification for this project contains much information on what j2e-translate intends to achieve. Please feel free to take a look and feedbacks are always welcome. It's worth mentioning that while the challenge underlies this particular project is tremendous in its own right, the project itself should serve as a door opener to a higher step. The "higher step" being that eventually we will have a real-time Japanese(日本語) sentence to English(英語) sentence translator that captures the SEMANTICS of the language.

What's going on

Efforts have been made to get the first Beta release out. Before that, please feel free to take a look at the unofficial release(Alpha release)on the project page. Also in CVS tree, you will find Database Design documents, Project Specifications, Initial translation page and much more.

I18N Special Interests

Since there are so many good tutorials out there on Apache products, I won't repeat the effort here. But for anyone who is interested in participating in this project, you might want to take a look as these special interest links, since knowing how the i18n works is the key to make a solid internationalized application.

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